Test systems and Instrumentation

Unmanned Aerial Systems-UAS

Within the Aerospace, Security & Defence business area of Aries Test Systems and Instrumentation we offer engineering services, design, supply, start-up, operation, and logistic support for a wide range of security, defence, and unmanned aircraft system (UAS) applications.

Aries provides turn-key solutions designed with client-specific needs in mind, backed by the experience of our highly qualified team. With specialties such as mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electrics, control systems, and software, our team boasts an average working experience of over ten years.

We are committed to provide our clients with exceptional service and quality, no matter their global location, which is one of our competitive advantages. Armed and security forces as well as other civil clients, both public and private, rely on our products to successfully complete their missions and operations in the optimal manner. The Spanish Ministry of Defence, EADS, INDRA, Navantia, and GDSBS make up just some of our main references. Aries also provides unmanned aircraft systems for civil applications, emergency support, and fire fighting.

 Aries  possesses the technical know-how and resources to provide clients with custom-made launchers, adapted to their individual needs and requirements. We take advantage of various technologies to create tailor-made solutions for clients using pneumatic, hydraulic, and elastic energies. With the capability to design launchers for UAVs/UATs of any size, weight, geometry and exit velocity, Aries works with Spanish (SIVA, ATLANTE) and undisclosed international clients.…more



ARIES provides clients with all the necessary equipment to maintain UAS systems as well as logistical material to enhance mobility and tactical operations. Not only do we supply and integrate instrumentation, sensors, and data acquisition systems, but also we offer services regarding mobility, cooling, refueling, storage, power supply, launching and arresting equipment ….. more


ARIES UAV team has necessary expertise to provide hig level consultancy services like prototypes creation, program management, systems engineering, mission definition, system design, integration, tests and evaluations, as well as advanced ISR/UAS training.

The training, taking advantage of the best available materials and methodologies to complement the instruction by top experts in the field, allows the alumni to receive both basic and concurrent qualification and training in UAS system engineering, maintenance, and operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, as well as in specialized areas such as photo interpretation and imagery intelligence (IMINT)….more


 The current characteristics of overseas missions require a rapid deployment, especially from UAS and other similar systems.  Aries has substantial experience in this field as one of the few private companies supporting the overseas missions of the Spanish Army.

We’re committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and quality no matter their global location.

Some of out on-site services include:

  • System Deployment
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • ISR Consultancy
  • Training


ARIES provides testing equipment specifically designed for UAVS demands. Within our offer we can supply, among others:

  • Portable engines test cells, fro on-operating testing of engines performances after repair
  • Vibration instrumentation for UAV GVT testing.