Test systems and Instrumentation



The railway industry faces several challenges due to the high safety demands placed upon the current vehicles. At Aries, we offer the most efficient test systems, tests, and diagnostic technology together with the specific knowledge necessary to develop protocols and perform maintenance tests that follow railway market requirements.

Railway test benches allow different tests to be performed according to client needs. Tests for maximum performance, definition, and fatigue are conducted on different cars, wagons, bogies, axels, wheels, and other equipment. Our engineers have developed customized control software following Aries´customer oriented philosophy.

ARIES is member of MAFEX , Spanish Railway Association

ARIES is member of CETREN, Railway Certification Association  

Different custom made test systems for research, homologation or certifications purpose:

  • Fatigue: cars, wagons, bogies, axels, wheels, control systems, etc. 
  • Dynamic tests: vehicle dynamics, impact absorbers, suspension, tracks, and ballast
  • Roll simulation
  • Inertial dynamo-meter for wheels, axels, and brakes
  • For motors and reducers



ARIES provides solutions for rolling stock maintenance purposes. Different tests benches that can be customized for specific models and inspection test procedures. Among others, our solutions covers test over:

  • Compressors
  • Brake units
  • Gear boxes
  • Bogies
  • Air conditioning units
  • Simultaneous train lifting and bogies dismounting



Test equipment and instrumentation to perform different experimental approach to the vibration  and acoustics problems

  • Modal analysis of vehicle structures
  • Train-track / track-train vibration analysis
  • Vibration analysis of rotating elements
  • Equipment durability analysis
  • Acoustic instrumentation
  • Noise analyzers



Climatic chambers of different size, standard and custom made to comply with different test demands:

  • Component level and material climatic tests
  • Air conditioning performances test
  • Accelerated life stress with HALT/HASS chambers
  • Walking Chambers for complete cars climatic conditioning