Test systems and Instrumentation

Civil Engineering & Structural Testing

Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas has the technology, expertise and flexibility to fulfill the most demanding industrial requirements and provide structural and seismic testing solutions. From years of experience offering individual turn-key complete structural and seismic test laboratories,  Aries detects the needs for more complete and accurate testing systems.

With these needs in mind, the company is actively developing and offering new products and services, from actuators, control systems, hydraulic power units (HPUs), hydraulic service manifolds HSMs, up to complete turn-key structural and seismic test laboratories including even the design of all related civil works if it is needed.

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 The product line developed by Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas includes the following solutions:


 Our shaking tables are designed and developed according to specific client needs. We customize the tables with designs that have up to 6 degrees of freedom and are able to meet the particular load, frequency, acceleration, displacement, and velocity requirements present in various industries. Common uses include fatigue testing, seismic replication, road simulation/packaging, etc.


In order to better understand the failure mechanisms and collapse processes of civil structures, Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas supplies systems that are able to perform quasi-static, pseudo-dynamic, and real time hybrid tests. These systems consist of a reaction wall and strong floor, servo-hydraulic actuators, displacement and force sensors, hydraulics and advanced control systems.


ARIES supplies instrumented vehicles for roads survey services. Our solutions integrates the best instrumentation with the adequate heavy duty data acquisition hardware and software to provide reliable and prices data collection vehicles. Collected data can be used for road assessment reports and further maintenance programs management.




Low and Medium Speed Wind Tunnels for civil experimental aerodinamics. Close loop or open soltuions to fit your requierements and avalible space. Wind action effects like bridge flutter, aeroslasticity, and ground wind layer over buildings  can be studied in models inside ARIES wind tunnels. ARIES wind tunnels includes our Speed-Pro_WT control software that allows not only an stable and precise control over wind speed trough a combined control of several frequency converters but also visualization of wind tunnels measurements in a  clear and friendly way.


Servo controlled wave machines for Maritime Engineering development are systems capable of creating different wave types in a controlled fashion and measuring their influence on structures, beaches, or ships.  We offer single or multi-wave systems for:

•   Wave Flumes: unidirectional regular or irregular wave generation with Active Wave Absorption which is mostly used to test structures and sea shores.

•   Wave Basin: realistic maritime testing of physical models, allowing multi-directional and totally predefined wave characteristic generation, therefore controlling the 3D energy distribution. It can be used for testing sediment movement, coastal structures, or simulating ships under heavy storms