Test systems and Instrumentation


High safety demands, regulations, intermodality, and standardization requirements are just some of the challenges within the automotive sector. We work with companies of all sizes, from small component suppliers that need help obtaining certificates to the large automobile manufacturers that need to comply with new regulations across different markets. Over the past 25 years, ARIES has worked with most of the players in automotive sector from OEMs  car-makers companies like RENAULT, SEAT, VW, OPEL, FIAT, CHERY to Tier 1 suppliers, like AUTOLIV, DELPHI, TRW,…etc.

ARIES` solutions and products portfolio covers many different applications within automotive research and product developments, some of them listed below:

Passive safety: Testing solutions for Interiors, airbags, steering wheels, bumpers, seats, seat belts according international test regulation for Homologation compliance. Standard products like high speed video cameras or special lighting are also part of our possible scope.

Active Safety: We also provide new testing devices for ADAs research.


Noise, Vibration and Harness test instrumentation to improve vibration response and comfort of vehicles.

ARIES can provide  Acoustic Video system  (beamforming and Holography) for NVH testing


Environmental testing for automotive components including vibration, climatic cycling, humidity, corrosion or combination of them.

With our product range of electrodynamic shakers, climatic and corrosion chambers, we cover almost any testing need including accelerated stress tests (HALT/HASS)



Wide range of products for development of solutions based of CAN bus, FlexRay, LIN, SAE J1939 communications protocols. Embedded products, diagnostics tools, net work topology components, …a complete range of products to suite any need.



High end infrared cameras to be uses in laboratory and products developments applications. With our products development of brakes, HVAC systems, calefacted seats, measurements over engines, can be performed with highest confidence y an fast and accurate way.



Dynacar provides a common test platform that engineers can use through the entire development cycle from the early vehicle design, hardware-in-the-loop (HiL), and power train testing phases to the production floor. Engineers start with a fully validated vehicle model that they can quickly customize by simply changing parameters on the fly using the intuitive graphic user interface, or plugging in their own models using Dynacar as a virtual rolling chassis. With Dynacar, individual and traditionally isolated vehicle sub-system hardware and software tests, such as ECU´s and Power train components, can now be tested within a virtual vehicle environment, following a “model based testing” approach.