Test systems and Instrumentation

Aerospace & Defence

Testing and Instrumentation solutions for the Aerospace, Defence and Security industries.

Our offer covers not only many testing fields like vibration, fatigue or environmental, but also supply of embedded electronics boards or component to be integrated in complex systems subjected to defence  demanding applications.

ARIES also offers an specific line of systems for ground support of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Electrodynamic shakers for individual component and complete system qualification tests, modal analysis, ground vibration tests and instrumentation. Acoustic Video for noise sources or leakeage detection.



In the aerospace and defence sector the need for vibration testing with more than one stimulation axis is often necessary, such as when simulating the loads on a satellite during launch. Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas provides Servo-Hydraulic Vibration Tables up to 6 DoF with real-time advanced control systems.

ARIES has designed also a special shock test system for high severity impact simulation according to STANAG 4.141 STANAG 4.142 and MIL-S-901 D (NAVY) standards.


Ranging from standard climatic chambers to thermal crash test systems, altitude simulation, HALT/HASS, and more, Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas is fully capable of developing specialized climatic test systems customized to the most demanding requirements, for example with high cooling gradients.



We design and supply open and closed circuit, subsonic, and aeroacoustic wind tunnels. Our quick modular assembly design, the low turbulence level, and the customer defined air-speed in the test chamber make our tunnels suitable for all subsonic aerodynamic applications. ARIES wind tunnels includes our Speed-Pro_WT control software that allows not only an stable and precise control over wind speed trough a combined control of several frequency converters but also visualization of wind tunnels measurements in a  clear and friendly way.


Wide range of Bench-top and VXI-based motion simulation and measurement instruments for the Aerospace and Defense industries. Our innovative and highly reliable products provide best-of-breed performance for Synchro Angle Position Indicators, Phase Angle Voltmeters, Synchro/Resolver Simulators, Phase Measurement, Calibration Standards, and VXI Instruments. Many avionics protocols are also avaliable within our products solutions.




We provide a range of products for heavy duty demanding environment applications covering among others the following lines:

  • Input and Output boards as embedded electronics to equip many possible defence applications.
  • A complete range of ruggedized power supplies is also available for highly demanding requirements
  • Data Acquisition System for very fast transient events acquisitions like explosions

Top quality high performance infrared cameras for laboratory and products developments use. Applications like fails in thermal isolation in airplanes, overheating in control surfaces, thermal conduct ions in composites materials, are eficently solved by our thermography cameras product range.


High speed video cameras for filming high speed events at a rate of up to 500.000 frames per second. They are specially suited for ballistic and weapons developments in general