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ARIES has evolved into a world leader in providing launching solutions for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and Unmanned Aerial Targets (UAT). With over 13 years of experience in the field, ARIES is globally recognized as an innovator in UAV/UAT launching systems. We possess the technical know-how and resources to provide clients with custom-made UAV/UAT launchers, adapted to their individual needs and requirements.

We take advantage of various technologies to create tailor-made solutions for clients, using pneumatic (high and low pressure), hydraulic, and elastic rubber bands energies. With the capability to design launchers for UAVs/UATs of any geometric configuration and exit velocity. ARIES works with Spanish (SIVA, ATLANTE) programs and undisclosed international clients. The designs developed by our highly-skilled engineering staff are strong, sturdy, and capable of operating in the most severe environmental conditions.

The fact that the Spanish Ministry of Defence relies on ARIES for solutions proves the quality and dependability of the end-products we provide. The family of launchers we can provide is described bellow:

BULL EL-01- Bungee UAV Light Launcher

This launcher is based on the transformation of elastic energy, accumulated in rubber cords, into kinetic energy.

Detachable into two parts; easy manual assembly and transportable by one single person (backpack). With BULL EL 01, hand-launched UAVs become reliable, dependable systems.

ATLAS ME-01- Advanced Tactical UAV/UAT Launcher System

ATLAS ME-01 is the ultimate technology for medium-weight UAV/UAT launching. Very high performances, autonomous driving force, maximum flexibility, fully customisable, high mobility (foldable and transportable on standard trailer), and fully ensured repeatability in all environmental conditions and operational scenarios. Quick set-up and assembly.

ALPPUL LP-02- Advanced Low-Pressure Pneumatic UAV Launcher

ALPPUL LP-02 is a technologically advanced launcher specifically designed for launching UAVs/UATs of elevated speeds and masses using low pressure pneumatic energy conversion. Using low launching pressures (below 10 bars) allows standard components to be used in the design, reduces the life-cycle-cost of the whole system, maintains maximum security and safety in each moment of operation and facilitates an easy-to-uses system. Quick set-up and assembly.

HERCULES AH-01- High-Energy Rail Catapult UAV Launcher Evolved System

Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas’ HERCULES AH-01 offers the ultimate tactical solution for launching UAVs/UATs in every type of field and condition. Its state-of-the-art design guarantees the best system for safe and point-based take-off for any kind of tactical unmanned aerial system in the world, covering a wide range of vehicle shapes, weights, configurations, and launch speeds specifications. Quick set-up and assembly. Air transportable (C130/A400M) and ISO20 palletised structure. Low maintenance cost.

LAE – High-Energy Launcher

LAE is a R&D project designed to develop a system capable of launching 400 kg UAVs at speeds of up to 70 m/s. It is a pneumatic launcher which incorporates a novel design to make use of the same cylinder during acceleration and breaking.


Ground support equipment


We provide clients with all the necessary equipment to maintain UAS systems as well as logistical material to enhance mobility and tactical operations. Not only do we supply and integrate instrumentation, sensors, and data acquisition systems, but also we offer services regarding mobility, cooling, refueling, storage, power supply, launching and arresting equipment and subsystems, as well as several D-Level, I-Level and O-Level test and calibration systems.

GDT system installed over a single axle all-roads trolley to be coupled to any standard vehicle.

The system includes:

  • Diesel electric generator for power supply to all equipments (230 VAC)
  • A mast for the UHF antenna of the SDL system
  • Racks bays for communications and electric protections systems
  • Supports for fiber optics cables rolls and for PDL system (Tripod+Plate+Equipment)





TOTAL mass of GDT

< 3000

Number of axles


Draw bar type

  1  Height adjustable
Draw ball

  1  Civil standard


Electric generator weight


  kg  Can be modified
Time for deployment


  min  Legs and mast extension , power generator start up and initial systems test.


Cooling and Transport cart allowing to carry the UAV over towards the take off runway, with the engine running at the minimum consumption rate and colling down the motor and the electronics bays, using the ambient air which is forced in the UVS systems.

Fast and automatic coupling and decoupling trough special adapters between the system and the air intakes of the UAV, assuring safe operation for personnel even with engine running.

The UAV is driven by the cart to the take of point avoiding damages over the front landing gears. the UAV is automatically loaded up of the cart to avoid damage either on the UAV or on personnel.

Total Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 1300x900x900mm
Motor Diesel >10 kW power
Operation time >3h
Engine air cooling flow rate ≥ 0.55 kg/s at 15ºC
Avionics air cooling flow rate ≥ 0.35 kg/s at 15ºC


HAS is a simple but efficient arresting system to provide extra braking capacity for an UAV landing over a short length runway.

The system is based in two energy absorption drums, one at each side of the runway, and a flexible cable crossing the track and connected to both drums trough a straps endings. The energy of braking is dissipated by adjustable and progressive friction loads. The UAV should be equipped with a compatible hook which connects with the crossing cable for stopping. The system can be also used for stopping the UAV in case of aborted take off and after non return point in a very short and controllable distance.