Test systems and Instrumentation

Road Inspection Vehicles

ARIES offers complete solutions for road inspection and monitoring.

FIONA is a vehicle/van mounted road auscultation system, equipped with different instrumented acquisition systems and using integrated data management software. With the objective of taking different data such as images, geometric data of the road under surveillance, the FIONA system is equipped with necessary instrumentaion and data recording harware.

the following acquisition systems that will enable it to gather the following data:

Basic equipment of FIONA includes:

  • Two high speed cameras that take front and rear images enabling the recording of the road and its surroundings.
  • A high resolution lineal scan camera and a laser that detect fissures present on the pavement.
  • An inertial intelligent measurement system with 12 axes enables collection of superelevation, slope and radius of curvature data.
  • GPS System guarantees georeferential data gathered with submetric accuracy.
  • An odometer located on a wheel enables the synchronization between data and images.

There are three seats in the vehicle, all of them certified for road use. One of the seating positions is assigned for the driver; the second position is reserved for a technician who ensures the correct data collection while the third position is reserved for any person interested in following the data acquisition process or helping in the management of the database.

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