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There are several approaches to testing structures in laboratory.

  • Quasi-static tests are appropriate for characterizing restoring behavior of structures and may be applied to large specimens leading to high accuracy measurements.
  • Shake table tests give as a result the real dynamic response to a certain earthquake, but are limited to small models.
  • Pseudodynamic tests combine the advantages of previous methods since they can be applied to large specimens giving an accurate response to an earthquake.
  • When some components of the structure or mechanism under test are simulated (those whose behavior is better known) and others are actually tested imposing on them the actions, results of the simulated subsystems, by means of servoactuators, a Model Based Testing System is being used, Substructuring or Hardware in the Loop simulation are well known particular cases of MBTS.

ARIES’ structural testing solutions allow the final user to perform any of these types of testing depending on the particular needs of each project.

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