Test systems and Instrumentation

Maintenance Systems

The expert engineering team at Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas provides clients with tailor-made, singular solutions.

Each system is catered to the requirements of each individual client, developed and designed according to the specifications and circumstances needed in order to satisfy our customers testing requirements. Among others, some of the main advantages from Aries systems are:

  •  Mechanical and control flexibility.
  •  Technical assistance and aftersales service.
  •  Engineering expertise.
  •  Special operational solutions, which guarantee maximum versatility.
  •  Energetic optimization.
  •  Modular based construction.
  •  System remote access.


Simultaneous Train Lifting and Bogie Dismounting System (STL+BD) represents a clear example of Aries’ commitment with innovation and flexibility, taking into account customer needs. It is multi-system which simultaneously allows a complete train lifting and whole bogies package dismounting, while maintenance activities (on top and under frame) are taking place.

Its design and modularity make it suitable and adaptable for variable train lengths and models. The control system guarantees manual and automatic operation with the highest safety levels for the human team and the rest of the systems, while any of the activities is been performed (train lifting, bogie/axel dismounting and maintenance -on top and under frame-).

From years of experience, offering individual railway test system components Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas sees the need for more complete and accurate testing systems, that are more flexible, easy to use, reliable and compact allowing easier, faster and optimal maintenance.

 If you want to know more about our STL+BD (Simultaneous Train Lifting and Bogie Dismounting System), click here.