Test systems and Instrumentation

UAS Consultancy and Training

The extensive know-how gained by ARIES  during the last 12+ years of activity in the UAS sector, combined with our proven experience in worldwide systems technology, allows us to provide high quality services in all areas of UAS-based solutions.

We offer engineering and operation solutions during the entire product life cycle, spanning from the conception of a project to its eventual withdrawal from service; from designs and program management up to test, evaluations and operation of the systems in ZO.

Maintenance UAS training courses are mainly focuses to payload operators, mechanical and electronic roles.

The operational training courses are designed to recreate situations the UAS operators/technicians, mission planners, imagery analysts, and intelligence consumers would face in actual operation. The training accommodates any level from beginner to expert in any type of mission (navigation, ISR, BDA, SAR, etc) and environment (urban/open field, land/sea, day/night, etc).