Test systems and Instrumentation

Actuators & HPUs

Servo-hydraulic cylinders, specially designed for endurance tests, are sized according to the customer’s needs (stroke, piston and rod diameter). Depending on the test requirements, the combination of actuators and high-response servovalve can be designed for static or dynamic testing with hydrodynamics, hydrostatics or standard bearings. We can also integrate magneto-strictive sensors for displacement feedback, differential pressure sensor for force control or Delta P stabilization and mechanical bumpers to prevent actuator damage during dynamic tests.

Aries Ingeniería is also able to provide customers with Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs). They can be sized for a single actuator or for simultaneous tests, being able to provide power for a complete laboratory (dynamic and static actuators in addition to shake tables). Some of their main characteristics are: Programmable Logic Controller connected to the control room for HPU working supervision, efficient energy consumption management, low noise versions available.

If you want to know more about Actuators or HPUs, please download our data sheets: