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Academic Shake Tables

Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas has introduced a new lineup of Academic Shake Tables including several models that cover a broad spectrum of customer requirements, depending on frequency range, degrees of freedom, stroke and required payload.

 The 2 and 6 DoF models powered by electromechanic actuators and the 6 DoF model powered by Hydraulic actuators allow maximum testing payloads ranging from 130 kg to 1500 kg; all of them are sold as turn-key equipment, with easy installation and great usability, including state of the art control systems.

Every model includes a self-supporting structure, which allows easy transport, if needed. Besides, thanks to the high performance Servohydro family control software, motion profiles can be programmed either in terms of rigid solid DoFs or for each individual actuator axis.

 If you want to know more about our academic shake tables, click here to download our product data sheet.

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If you need further information about our academic shake tables, please click below to download our product data sheets

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