Test systems and Instrumentation

Seat Belts Anchorages

Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas’s Seatbelt Anchorage Test System applys controlled loads over one or several seats at the same time, as mandated by the ECE R14  FMVSS-210, FMVSS-207,  EEC Dir. 76/115,  GB14167-2013 regulations and  ISOFIX Test Procedures. 

Besides the necessary support structures, the motorized regulations integrated in the test bench allow for a fast configuration and set-up for every specific vehicle model to test. This provides the system with both high capability and high flexibility.

The test bench is an optimum combination of high stiffness frame, a flexible positioning of actuators in height axis (Z) and lateral axis (Y), and a state of the art digital servo-control developed by Aries to cover many closed loop control applications.

Different number of actuators can be included for different number of simultaneous test positions (1, 2 or 3 seats/places). Aries’expertise in hydraulic benches will enable the definition and supply of the optimum hydraulic power supply solution, either through a connection to an existing hydraulic distribution line or by actual supply of dedicated HPS. The loading system, based on hydraulic cylinders that are controlled by servo-valves, includes the hydraulic group, conductions, and distributors needed to guarantee the system’s high-performance. It consists of the following elements and features:

  • Number of cylinders: Up to 12 actuators
  • Cylinder stroke length: 750 mm (+/- 400 mm)
  • Maximum static load: 4000 daN
  • Maximum dynamic load: 2000 daN
  • Working pressure: 210 bar
  • Motorized columns for Y-axis regulation (3 actuators per column)
  • Z-axis regulation: along each column, individual for each actuator
  • Control System: Through ARIES standardized advanced controller ServoHydro  Instrumentation: force and displacement measurements in each cylinder
  • Additional data acquisition channels: 6 + 6 (in addition to the 18 channels needed for the control system)

*Other specifications under request.

To complete this system, a bedplate is included to fix the structure of the tested vehicle as well as a data acquisition and control system.

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