Test systems and Instrumentation

Head Restrain Test Bench

The static load test bench is a system designed to check the behavior of seats and headrests during rear impact tests in accordance with the ECE R17-R25, FMVSS 202-A, and FMVSS 202 regulations.

The system can apply a constant torsion to a specific point on the seat (the “H point”) by use of elements shaped like human backs and a system of calibrated load actuators. These actuators are applied to one, two, or three seats and accurately measure the maximum deformation angle. Up to three head forms simultaneously apply a constant torsion to the headrests, accurately measuring displacement during the test.

The system tests height retention in accordance with the FMVSS 202A regulation. It is independently or simultaneously conducted without using any additional actuator.

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  • Precise programmable load rate control with high performances (close loop)
  • Cost-efficient solution with electrical actuators
  • Low maintenance required
  • Easy-to-use control system with a powerful user-friendly software
  • Short distance centers of lateral seats (up to 250 mm)
  • Height Retention Test included.
  • Heavy-duty system
  • Up to 3 seats simultaneously
  • High resolution (16 bit) and high accuracy for all range of loads
  • High productivity with H-point laser alignment tool
  • Automatic movements

The testing management and data acquisition software is Windows-based and includes the loading profiles required for the FMVSS 202, FMVSS 202A, ECE R17/R25, and other applicable standards. It also allows for the input of customized loading. The software is capable of graphically and digitally displaying the profiles during the test in real time.