Test systems and Instrumentation

Full Crash Facilities

Aries designs and supply “state of the art” Crash Test facilities to study the behavior of the entire vehicle and its individual components in a real crash situation.

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We deliver complete turn key projects including:

  • Propulsion system
  • Guidance Rails
  • Photo pits
  • Impact block (fixed or mobile)
  • Tensioning system
  • Propulsion and towing system
  • Release system
  • Emergency braking system
  • Integrated with Crash simulation (Deceleration type)
  • Control system software
  • Speed measurement system
  • Auxiliary equipments: crash barrier fixtures, mobile impact barriers, flying floor platform, DAS, lighting system, high speed video,..
ARIES full crash facilities include the most advanced technology:

  • Real Time speed Controllers, with double control loop capability
  • Deterministic facility Ethercat networking for defined time synchronization
  • ARIES design property Bi-trolley,  for vehicle release just at impact point
  • Full open view covers possibility for NO OCULTATION high speed filming from underneath
  • Delta shaped track for maximum view and highest stiffness



The product range covers from single tracks facilities for frontal crash and typically a side/rear crash area to car to car with 0º or angles, typically separated 15º between them. ARIES has developed a double propulsion systems solution for car to car with angle crash that allows to swift between angles in just one hour. In ARIES´s  facilities car to car crash with different speeds and approach angles at highest accuracies become already a reality.


  • Electric: We apply Direct Torque Control technology for best impact speed accuracy. Accuracy in impact speed is achieved by use of ARIES´developed Speed-Pro_FC software. This software is specilaly designed for accurate combined control of frequency converters with advance algorithmes to get an stable and accurate speed control at any situation.


  • Hydraulic: A set the accumulators charged in advance of the test sequence, saves installed electric Power. A block of Servo valves takes the resposability of closed loop control of hydraulic motor speed.

Our experience in the development and installation of crash systems and simulators enables us to provide our clients with tailor-made solutions to fully meet their needs, in accordance with international standards and regulations (UN ECE, FMVSS, EuroNCAP, etc)

  • Car-to-Car Crash Tests from all possible angles
  • Frontal Crash
  • Frontal Off-set
  • Rear Crash
  • Side Crash
  • EuroNCAP Pole Test
  • Roll Over (Dolly, Curb Trip, Soil Trip, Corkscrew, Slope/Ditch)
  • Cushion Test
  • Bumper Testing
  • Crash Simulation