Test systems and Instrumentation

Free Motion Headform 201U

The FMVSS 201U standard is test method to evaluate the energy absorption a vehicle’s interior materials during a head impact suffered by its occupants during an accident. The high number of impact points, accuracy of impact speed, and impact angle repeatability make the use of a specifically designed test system necessary for ensuring this standard.

Designed by ARIES, the Free Motion Headform system complies with the FMVSS 201U regulations. Based on a compact servohydraulic controlled piston, the system is capable of accelerating a headform in a small distance at a speed of 7 m/s.

The launcher’s positioning system is very flexible and the range of impact positions is optimized. Two integrated motorized rotations and a compact design allows the impactor to reach impact points inside the vehicles even through a window and without dismounting seats. At the same time, it maintains certain the dimensions and level of rigidity needed for high-energy launching tests.