Test systems and Instrumentation


Dynacar is a powerful, flexible, real time simulation environment for the design, development, and validation of complete vehicle systems or subsystems and applicable through the whole vehicle design process.

Dynacar allows the rapid prototyping, implementation, and real-time testing of powertrain components, electronic control units (ECUs) and battery systems in test benches.

Custom control algorithms and simulation models developed with other programming languages can be easily integrated into Dynacar vehicle model, quickly generating full vehicle models. Dynacar runs in a real time open platform National Instruments controller, allowing cost effective solutions for your HiL testing (H2iL, DiL, XiL).

Dynacar can be used in the development and validatioin of electric, hybrid, and ICE powered vehicles with the following benefits:

  • Real time configurable vehicle model, applicable for 4, 3 or 2 wheelers.
  • Capable of integrating customer models (SimulinkTM) for control systems and power-train using VeristandTM from NI.
  • Straightforward integration in National Instruments real time platforms.

Fields of application:

  • Hardware in the Loop of electronic control units.
  • Power train in the loop model based test benches.
  • Either autonomous or driver in the loop. (Driver simulator).
  • Test track validated in multiple industry and R&D projects.
  • Configurable graphic user interface, with possibility of custom vehicle and track model integration.



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Among main Dynacar technical features:

Dynacar’s main applications are:

Deterministic facility Ethercat networking for defined time synchronization

  • Powertrain research and validation dyno test benches. (Power-train-in-the-loop).
  • Battery pack performance, efficiency and reliability development and testing.
  • ECU prototyping and validation test benches (ECU HiL).