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Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas Signs with BYD the Maintenance of 2013 Award-Winning Best Crash Test Facility



  • Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas has been signed to continue the actualization of the 2013 Best Crash Test Facility award-winning product.
  • BYD laboratory could be considered one the most accurate and reliable crash test facility in the world: 4 mm of impact accuracy in an angular CTC crash test at 90º with speeds of 80 and 60 km/h.


Aries has been signed to continue the actualization and maintenance of the BYD Integrated Safety Testin Laboratory which it delivered to the company and was awarded Best Crash Test Facility in 2013 by Automotive Testing Technology.

The facility, a 260-meter main track plus 7 angular tracks for car-to-car crash tests (CTC), is provided withCrash Test Facility_10_cut 4 crash areas, side/rear, CTC and rollover areas, and a second outdoor impact block, symmetrical to the indoor frontal area, which allows the testing of electric vehicles in safe conditions. With this facility, BYD is ready to test for all international regulations and perform test crash programs for electrical and hybrid propelled vehicles. BYD safety test laboratory also includes a pedestrian safety laboratory with one of ARIES best-selling products, the Universal Launcher and a revolutionary towing and guidance system, the Bi-Trolley. This innovation allows extreme precisions together with rail free, full open view filming from underneath. The commissioning was closed with impressive results: 2 mm of impact accuracy in the 120 km/h frontal crash test and 4 mm of impact accuracy in CTC 80-60 km/h crash test.

BYD has trusted ARIES once again to provide the services required to maintain the advanced test system in top performance.

Watch the video of the Full Crash Test Facility in action below.