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Aries Ingenería y Sistemas to Exhibit in Automotive Testing Expo China 2016!

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  • Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas will showcase its latest innovation in Integrated Safety Testing Laboratories: AVAT.
  • The company is continuously dedicated to providing clients worldwide with innovative automotive safety solutions.

 Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas will be attending this year’s edition of Automotive Testing Expo in Shanghai. From the 27th ot the 29th of September, the venue will be bringing together the world’s leading test equipment manufacturers and test service providers highlighting the rapid growth in new car sales worldwide and the need for higher quality and safer vehicles.

This year, the company will be presenting its signature Integrated Test Laboratories with AVAT: Autonomous Vehicle for ADAS Testing. The solution is part of Aries’ continuous research in Integrated Safety Testing Laboratories, the future of full scale crash-test facility that allows passive and active safety systems to be tested under one roof. This type of Integrated Test Laboratories allows that both Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and passive safety components are tested either simultaneously or separately.

Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas offers the Integration with other ADAS testing systems such asdriving robots, as well as the system integration in our full scale crash test facilities.

Join us at booth 8024 to learn more about this and other solutions. And for more information or to set up an appointment at the fair, do not hesitate to contact us: testsystems@aries.com.es.

More about AVAT…

The AVAT is an autonomous mobile platform that is ideal for testing under safe and repetitive conditions. The platform is capable carrying different balloon dummy shapes so the active system of different vehicles can be tested. By using a simulated vehicle, there is no human or material risk involved. With these types of testing scenarios, it is imperative that during testing, the speed and trajectory is duplicated with the required accuracy. Therefore, the pre-programmed mission is guided by a differential GPS that contains a special correction algorithm which ensures repeatability and precision. The platform also allows for manual control movements.

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