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ARIES’ Instrumentation

ARIES´ well proved developments that becomes standard instrumentation products worldwide promoted

We focus on final applications providing not only instruments but also complete measurement solutions.

Our experience in vibrations provides extra technical support to let you reach your goals through ARIES instrumentation. 

Aries, dedicated to providing clients worldwide with innovative instrumentation solutions, has consolidated its position as a world leader in the sector while enjoying notable success in the emerging markets. A good reference of  this worldwide promoted instrumentation solutions is  our on-line vibration monitoring, PROTOR.

The monitoring and diagnosis of rotating equipment based on vibration analysis measurement is the core of predictive maintenance systems. This type of system allows the condition and health of machines to be assessed.

During operation, rotating equipment experiences dynamic stress caused by hydraulic, mechanical or electrical forces that induce vibrations and contribute to both ageing and wear of machines. The damage level of a rotating machine is reflected in several measureable factors.

The PROTOR Vibration Monitoring System, supplied by Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas, provides reliable on-line monitoring of Turbine Generators, Main Boiler Feed Pumps and other auxiliary plant equipment. Without information on the condition of primary equipment, such as turbines, pumps and associated equipment, impending faults go unnoticed and develop into severe conditions that could result in failures. Failures may lead to unscheduled outages or more serious equipment damage with consequent loss of revenues.